The session I attended on Building Community: Writing and Conversation was fun, engaging and inspiring. The writing exercise—journal responses to images representing community—led fluidly into heartfelt sharing and rich discussion. Ruth structured and facilitated the afternoon in a way that allowed participants to find our group voice.

Alice L., writing teacher

I attended 4 of Ruth’s (Re)Building Community gatherings. She created a warm and open atmosphere from the start with her down-to-earth welcoming presence. Her passion for the power of writing and her depth of teaching experience were obvious. Her inspiring visual, musical and writing prompts drew me into personal exploration with ease. I made surprising discoveries that helped bring focus to my strengths and how they fit into my vision of community. I was reminded that clear guidance is only a few paragraphs away when written with intention and support. The conversations generated by our writing drew us out further and were practice in themselves of rebuilding community. I highly recommend workshops led by Ruth!

Sally B., massage therapist

I had slight apprehension about but was game, about attending this workshop. I was curious. I had never been in a writing workshop so I didn’t know what to expect. I liked the challenges with which we were confronted. Ruth used a different technique at each of the three sessions I attended (there were four in all) to motivate us to write. We were free to read to the other participants what we had written or not. Ruth’s observations on what we wrote were perceptive and enlightening and made us think about what we had written and said. This helped us clarify our thoughts. We talked about the different reasons for writing: to focus our thoughts, to become more clear in our thinking, to express difficulties and gain some perspective and lessen anxiety, to clarify goals and think about ways of attaining them. The discussions were rich and lively. Ruth led these and directed them so that everyone had a chance to express their ideas. What I learned about myself is that I am as leery as ever about this phenomenon called the subconscious which supposedly we can access if we just let the mind do its own thing. But it was fun to try. Yes, I recommend this class. It will make you think about yourself.

Susan W.

What a gift to receive Ruth’s invitation to reflect and write and to read to each other. When Ruth worked with us, she gave us a springboard, to get us going. Once we made a mind map. Once we listened to a song. Then Ruth directed us to write for 15 minutes.
Time flew by, especially if I became aware of letting my “judge” go, dissolve. After that, we had plenty to talk about and respond to.

Participating in Ruth’s workshop was a breath of fresh air. We are so lucky to have such opportunities in our community of Bristol.

Thank you Ruth.
Sincerely, Patty H., filled with gratitude